Established in 2015, MAOfeMAO is a equality lifestyle brand with diversity producing high quality products in limited quantities. All our products are designed for both male and female who embrace a "what's yours is ours" attitude. 

MAOfeMAO tears down equality boundaries and celebrates expressions of unity, hope and tolerance. We see ourselves as torch bearers of social, racial, gender and religious equality clothing made for equals.

feMAO the sister brand of MfM targets 13-25-year-olds who enjoy playful fashion and are on the forefront of “Girl Power” empowering young girls who like her character are also in the early stages of development and  coming of age.


POSI an independent UK streetwear brand that draws inspiration from people, relationships, communities and culture through social interaction, we’re nothing without people. Purveyors of Social Intercourse clothing encompasses T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and headwear.

FEARLESS inspired by the recent edition to Wall Street. A statue of a young girl who stares down the iconic bull calling attention to gender inequality in the pay gap in the corporate world. Full of attitude, Girl Power with a strong message of "ENOUGH". Casual wearables with attitude that turn heads !!!!

Juice can't get enough (JCGE) couldn't resist this fun filled concept, JUICE can't get enough of sex drugs and rock & roll to the sound of a Depeshe Mode classic. Trademarked in clothing and cafe concept waiting for the right opportunity to fully bring to life. Currently available in t-shirts, hoodies and beanies ( waiting on restock )

Our customers are our number one priority and we aim to meet the demands of our customers by providing distinctive apparel and accessories at fair prices, in turn develop and build a loyal customer base.

MAOfeMAO is working on a number of other associated Social brands we hope to bring you in the months ahead watch out for our social network postings.